Woldingham Event coming soon…

Today I met with the Reverend Catherine, of Woldingham Churches.  She has kindly supported my offer to organise a local community event at Woldingham Church Room on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 11 am where I will be presenting and discussing subjects such as:

  • falls prevention
  • staying safe at home
  • maintaining your mobility and confidence
  • how ageing is reversible
  • reviewing any walking aids you may have
  • care options for home
  • community support available in the area
  • the role of physiotherapy at home

All are welcome and there is no need to book.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will also be provided.


Please join us, and please contact me if you would like more information on this or any services East Surrey Physio can support / provide

email:  jenniferwillisphysio@yahoo.com

telephone: 01883 371 964  or  07437 619 044



First blog post

Falls talk presented today at the Douglas Bruton day centre in Caterham.  Educating the attendees on falls risk factors, key changes to help make the home environment safe and how physio can help reduce your risk of falls or help improve or restore your independence after suffering a fall.

Key message, falls risks are like building blocks making a tower.  Some of the blocks can be taken away before the tower falls over.  Unfortunately some of the block such as age or previous falls can not be removed.  Physio can help with those blocks which can be removed.

Also key networking opportunity with Age UK Surrey and Wellbeing advisors for Tandridge – thank you.