Clinical evidence


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy states:

  • half of people who have a fall will have another fall in 12 months
  • physiotherapy can help reduce the burden of care by educating carers to encourage
  • physiotherapy can improve independence in people with dementia
  • falls are the most common reason for hospital admission
  • falls are the reason for hospital admission in 14% of people with dementia
  • poor balance – known to increase the risk of falls can be improved by a specific tailor made physiotherapy exercise programme
  • exercise can have a significant and positive benefit on behaviour and psychological symptoms of dementia
  • exercise can help improve cognitive function and mood, so decreasing the need for pharmacological intervention
  • physiotherapists are exercise specialists with expertise in movement science, analysis and function giving people confidence to become physically active a return to independent lives.

NICE recommend:

  • physiotherapy for those with dementia to promote and maintain independence

long term condition